Near my high school, there was a zone called Zhuantang New Village, But now, this zone was facing demolition. To retain this memory, I would like to reconstruct the Zhuantang Village through an installation. In this project, I want to explore the relationship between people, land and space. I used images that can record the place and 3D structures to reproduce the messy spaces in the walled city, with each image to establish the unknown connections between the people who lived in the walled city. I have tried to represent people’s virtual feelings in this dynamic structural installation. 


At the same place, same range, when the elements of the space, shops, streets and people disappear, people lost something they cannot return to. 

When all these elements are present, can we reproduce this place in another piece of land? What is the relationship between people, land and space?


160cm x 140cm x 60cm