Tailer 2'17'' from 10'17''

16mm Film 


In this moving image work, I explore the question of how to live with others.


Nearly is an abstract concept to negotiate a conformable pattern of friendship and minimal community that I can reach out to.


I question myself: how much broader can this community be? Whether the community exists is a fantasy. From sleeping together and uninhibited dancing to daily conversations, I seem to find out which community I am in and which community I am excluded from. Under the pressure of this spiralling world, maybe only by finding like-minded companions can we counteract an endless sense of anxiety inside.


The other characters and I barely hide our emotions in front of the camera.

We are so honest — no affectation, no complicated intention.'unself-conscious

I manifest so-called intelligence naturally in some conversations but do not deliberately show off.


I live and breathe in the camera.

I rely on the camera to open myself to others.

I am glad the act of filming has helped build a community around me.

It reveals the feelings I can’t express in writing.

Therefore I need to make films.