Falling on one’s hands, knees and head is one of the most respectful rituals in Buddhism.

I painted the five pilgrims’ forehead, elbow, palm, knee and foot with ink where they need to touch the ground on the way of kneeling down, and repeated the five steps of one worship and ten steps of one kneel in a large area of white cloth, in order to gather the strength of the pilgrims’ kneeling behavior on the cloth.

The superposition of traces also highlights meliness, spatiality and the tension of the body when kneeling down. This repeated practice is a way to solidify faith and find myself. It has always guided me, step by step, and nally leaving an unreadable imprint.


 Ink on white texile

 400 cm x 130 cm


 Will Attend INK ART WEEK

 Brussels 2019