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In the constructing Beijing Daxing International Airport (designed by British

architect Zaha Hadid), there will be two large-scale public art installations in

international arriving aisles and domestic arriving aisles. After getting off

planes, these two art installations will give passengers the first impression of

China. Therefore, they must reflect the hospitality of Chinese and the

unique Chinese culture. “Passionate messenger” won the Top 3 Prize in this

international design competition. (10 in total)


Based on Chinese traditional special philosophy “the harmony ideal of sky,

earth and people”, the design selects elements of sea (blue) and land (yellow)

as the creative foundation. the design also integrates Chinese brush painting,

which represents Chinese special art creating form and Eastern cultural

temperament. The pixelated metal units are abstract expression of brush

painting. Units are movable and constitute different patterns Intelligent

sensing system.

屏幕快照 2019-04-23 上午1.08.48.png
屏幕快照 2019-04-23 上午1.09.23.png
屏幕快照 2019-04-23 上午1.09.09.png
屏幕快照 2019-04-23 上午1.09.34.png
屏幕快照 2019-04-23 上午1.09.56.png
屏幕快照 2019-04-23 上午1.10.08.png
屏幕快照 2019-04-23 上午1.10.18.png
屏幕快照 2019-04-23 上午1.10.27.png
屏幕快照 2019-04-23 上午1.10.43.png
屏幕快照 2019-04-23 上午1.11.06.png
屏幕快照 2019-04-23 上午1.10.58.png
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